YO is the first song on the LP Underground 11 CD. A short ringtone version of the song was released in 2010(entitled "Brad's Yo"), when you signed up for the Monster Energy promotion along with many other cool things like:

-An mp3 download of 'Bleed it Out' from the Transformers 2 premiere show
-A Chester-themed wallpaper download
-A Hybrid Theory-themed screensaver
-Numerous contests, including a weekly signed CD giveaway, a monthly LPU membership giveaway, a quarterly signed guitar giveaway, and a grand prize trip to see Linkin Park perform overseas sometime in 2010 or 2011.

YO is an instrumental track.

LPU 11 with Mike ShinodaEdit

"This was a demo for Minutes to Midnight. It never got any vocals... We thought this would be a nice way to open up this LPU11 album."

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