Cover Underground 7.0

Track ListingEdit

1. "No More Sorrow" (Toronto, ON) 5:14
2. "What I've Done" (Hartford, CT) 3:22
3. "One Step Closer" (Syracuse, NY) 3:41
4. "Given Up" (West Palm Beach, FL) 3:10
5. "Numb" (The Woodlands, TX) 3:10
6. "Crawling" (Holmdel, NJ) 3:47
7. "The Little Things Give You Away" (Atlanta, GA) 7:21
8. "In the End" (Toronto, ON) 3:43
9. "Bleed It Out" (Raleigh, NC) 7:49
10. "Faint" (Holmdel, NJ) 4:33

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