[Verse 1 - Mike]
You know me
I used to get caught up in everyday life
Trying to make it through my day so I could sleep at night
Trying to figure out my way through the maze of rights and wrongs
But like you used to say
Nothing feels like it's really worth it
Forget perfect / I'm trying not to be worthless
Since I last saw you I've been looking for a purpose / well
I met this kid who thought like I did
He had a weird way of looking at it
This is what he said

Slip out the back before they
know you were there / and
At the worst you'll see nobody
'Cause you don't wanna be around when it all goes down
Even heroes know when to be

[Verse 2 - Mike]
Now / I don't remember where
I met him
Or remember his name
But he walked funny like he was just too big for his frame
Just over five foot / but he weighed a buck fifty
And what he said seemed so right it stuck with me / listen
It's like poker / you can play your best
But you gotta know when to fold your cards and take a rest
And know when to hold your cards / hold your breath and
Hope that nobody else is stacking the deck / because
I don't need to tell you that life isn't fair
It doesn't care
It arbitrarily cuts off your air
And like you / I want someone to say it's okay
In the truest part of our hearts everybody's afraid / we're just
Underappreciated and overwhelmed
Fighting so hard to hide our fear that we're scaring ourselves
You understand what I'm saying / cause you always did
But it's different in the words of a cowardly kid

[Bridge - Mike]
And I'm no hero
You remember how it was / you know
All I ever did was worry / feeling out of control
To the point where everything was going end over end
I'm spinning around in circles again
This is where you come in
All of this to explain to you why I had to
Separate myself away from
yesterday's life

Please remember
This isn't how I hoped it would be
But I had to protect you from me

[Outro - Mike]
That's why I
Slipped out the back before you knew I was there
I know you felt unprepared
But every single time I was around I'd just bring you down
And I could tell that it was time to be scared
That's why I
Slipped out the back before you knew I was there
And I know the way I left wasn't fair
I didn't anna be around just to bring you down
I'm not a hero
But don't think I didn't care

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