Ryan Christopher Shuck' (born April 11, 1973), better known as Ryan Shuck, is the guitarist for alternative rock band Orgy. He also has a side project with fellow Orgy Member Amir Derakh called Julien-K. Ryan was a bandmate of KoRn frontman Jonathan Davis, and Videodrone frontman Ty Elam, in the band Sexart.


The band Orgy was formed when Ryan's friend Jay Gordon decided that they should start a band They then called up Amir Derakh and Orgy was born. Since then, members Bobby Hewitt and Paige Haley have been added. Shuck has remained the band's guitarist. As of 2009, even though the band went their separate ways after Punk Statik Paranoia, Amir Derakh and Ryan have announced that a possible Orgy reunion is in the works.

Present ProjectsEdit

Ryan and Orgy bandmate Amir Derakh formed a side-band, Julien-K. Their first album, Death to Analog, was released on March 10, 2009. Aside from Death to Analog, Ryan and Amir have recorded two tracks for the video games Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog: "This Machine" and "Waking Up", respectively. Along with his own solo career, Ryan has also been working alongside Linkin Park co-frontman Chester Bennington, on Dead By Sunrise's still untitled solo album, set for release in 2009.

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