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Reanimation (2002)

Linkin Park Reanimation

1. Opening

2. Pts.Of.Athrty

3. Enth E ND

4. [Chali]

5. FRGT/10

6. P5hng Me A*wy

7. PLC. 4 Mie Hæd

8. X-Ecutioner Style

9. H! Vltg3

10. [Riff Raff]

11. WTH>You

12. NTR\Mssion

13. PPR:Kut

14. Rnw@Y

15. My<DCMBR

16. [Stef]

17. By_myslf

18. Kyur4 TH Ich

19. 1stp Klosr


Collision Course (2004)Edit

Linkin Park - 00 - Collision Course (ft. Jay-Z) FRONT

1. Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You

2. Big Pimpin'/Papercut

3. Jigga What/Faint

4. Numb/Encore

5. Izzo/In The End

6. Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer

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