LPTV, also known as Linkin Park TV, is a series of short videos of the band's behind the scenes in their music making and lifestyle, similar to Frat Party at the Pankake Festival. But unlike Frat Party, no LPTV episodes have seen a release on DVD and have remained exclusively in digital format.

The Meteora Season Edit

In the beginning of 2003, the first LPTV episodes aired online once a week, leading up to the release of Meteora. It featured a short into including Reanimation's 1 Stp Klosr and a Meteora era "LP" logo. They typically ran from 5 to 8 minutes long. All of the episodes dealt with the creation of that album in the studio. When Meteora was released, a couple late episodes were uploaded online and the series concluded. It would not return for four more years, instead allowing the much shorter LP Newscaster to take it's place in the intervening time.

The Minutes to Midnight Season Edit

LPTV made it's grand return in time for the release of Minutes to Midnight with a modified collage-style opening featuring Qwerty . But only the second half of it dealt with the process of album writing like the first season did. The first half picked up where the first series ended and documented the band's touring journey. This series was for sale on iTunes with the preorder of Minutes to Midnight, and remains the only series that was sold commercially. Additionally, the Linkin Park Underground had a corresponding bonus segment for fan club members corresponding to each episode release.There are fifteen episodes total, with the final one on Minutes' release.

Beyond Minutes Edit

Although iTunes stopped selling the new LPTV episodes after the fifteenth, Linkin Park continued to air new episodes on their website, and the LPU continued to add bonus segments. These take place after the album's release and deal with touring and side project issues.

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