1. Overground (Intro)
  2. Be Here For Me (Gone Tommorrow Unrealeased Demo)
  3. !r!*e$cen+ (Iridescent Remix)
  4. Gallery (When They Come For Me Demo 2010)
  5. Fith Avenue (Hybrid Theory Demo)
  6. Miracle On 49th Street
  7. Standing in the Middle
  8. Knuckle (I Hate Everything About You Demo)

Overground V1.0 is Jack Phillips' second album in the series of "The Overground Project". These are some of the most rare songs by Jack Phillips. The first album in the Overground Project was "A Decade Overground", with the idea from Linkin Parks album "A Decade Underground". Still, the album art is not realeased yet, but the album is.

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