HT studio finals 5-7-00 posted an article saying that a cd with Hybrid Theory Unmastered Studio Files had come up on ebay. They ignored the bid, due to the fact that most of those are fakes. However, after the bid was over someone contacted them and said the songs were real. They got permission to post the mp3s to these songs on their website.

The tracks are in a different order than they appear on Hybrid Theory, some still have their demo titles, and some of them are slightly different then the ones released on Hybrid Theory.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Paper Cut (Papercut )
  2. Now I See (With You )
  3. Points Of Authority (Points of Authority )
  4. Plaster (One Step Closer )
  5. Crawling (Crawling )
  6. Runaway (Runaway )
  7. The Untitled (In The End )
  8. By Myself (By Myself )
  9. The Cure (Cure For the Itch )
  10. The Cure For Mr. Hahn's Itch (Pushing Me Away )
  11. A Place For My Head (A Place For My Head )
  12. Forgotten (Forgotten )

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