Hybrid Theory band members.

Hybrid Theory
Background information
Origin Agoura Hills, California, United States
Genre(s) Nu Metal, Alternative Metal, Rap Metal
Years active 1998-2000 (Early)
Label(s) Mix Media
Linkin Park
Website (defunct)
Chester Bennington
Rob Bourdon
Brad Delson
Kyle Christener
Joe Hahn
Mike Shinoda

Hybrid Theory is an early incarnation of Linkin Park. The band renamed themselves from Xero to Hybrid Theory after Chester Bennington joined. Due to Phoenix's commitment with Tasty Snax, Kyle Christener was brought in as the band's bassist. They released only one EP while under the name, along with several demos.

Known albumsEdit

2-Track Demo TapeEdit

1. With You

2. Points of Authority

This cassette is similar to the Linkin Park demo tape with the same tracks which was given out mid to late 2000.

Raw Power SamplerEdit

Contains the Hybrid Theory track By Myself and is a extremely rare promotional CD only one of which is known to be owned by a collector.

Ozzfest 2000 SamplerEdit


Contains the Hybrid Theory track Now I See.

Known productsEdit

  • Hybrid Theory T-shirt

Hybrid Theory t-shirt.

Live showsEdit

No one knows how or why, but the site of the Hybrid Theory has been archived by Wayback Machine and a live show was discovered. In the site, is writed this way:

Show Listings:

Friday, June 9  at 8:30 - Coconut Teaser on Sunset Blvd.

Official SiteEdit

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