Fort Minor Militia is a fan club for the music group, Fort Minor. The club was inspired by Linkin Park's club, Linkin Park Underground or LPU, Mike Shinoda's main band. It has officially launched in 2005 (October, 25th) and the first 100 people to join were able to have their DVD that was included with their first album, The Rising Tied, signed by Mike, as well as other merchandise. The club offers to its members the opportunity to access some exclusive audio & video material, as well as a message board, a chat, an online store, a photo gallery, a pre-sale for concert tickets, Meet and Greet opportunities, exclusive contests, and a package.

Fort Minor Militia Exclusive TracksEdit

  1. "Do What We Did (Demo)" (feat. Styles of Beyond) [November 2005 Exclusive]
  2. "Kenji (Interview Version)" [December 2005 Exclusive, which was later released on the Fort Minor website]
  3. "Tools of the Trade (Demo)" (feat. Styles of Beyond and Celph Titled) [January 2006 Exclusive]
  4. "Where'd You Joe?" ("Where'd You Go" Remix by Mr. Hahn) [February 2006 Exclusive]
  5. "Strange Things (Demo)" (According to Mike Shinoda, this is the first "Fort Minor" song he wrote) [March 2006 Exclusive]
  6. "Believe Me (Club Remix)" (feat. Styles of Beyond) (Remixed by Mike Shinoda) [April 2006 Exclusive]
  7. "Start It All Up (Demo)" (According to Mike Shinoda, this is the second "Fort Minor" song he wrote, and was also originally meant to be a Linkin Park song) [May 2006 Exclusive]
  8. "Move On (Demo)" (feat. Mr. Hahn) [June 2006 Exclusive]

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