"Faint/Toxic" is a song mashup, combining Linkin Park's "Faint" with "Toxic" by dance-pop star Britney Spears, produced by MTV. This is not an official single by either Linkin Park or Britney Spears, as they have never officially collaborated with one another, but MTV did release this mashup to the radio in 2004.

Song overviewEdit

Around the same time as Linkin Park and Jay-Z's collaboration song Numb/Encore and their EP Collision Course came out, Britney Spears had also released her "Toxic" song to the radio. Subsequently, MTV decided to produce another Linkin Park mashup, this time combining Linkin Park's "Faint" with Spears' "Toxic."

The overall instrumentation of the mashup is mostly derived from "Faint," but also incorporates the instrumental breakdown from "Toxic" in the verses. While all of Mike Shinoda's lines from the verses remained intact, the majority of Chester Bennington's vocals were taken out and replaced with Spears' vocals for the choruses; Bennington only appears at the very end of the mashup, singing the line "I won't be ignored."

While no official music video has been made for this mashup, there are numerous fan-made music videos on YouTube that inter-mix clips from the official "Faint" and "Toxic" music videos.


To many fans, the idea of mixing a nu-metal/rap-rock band with a dance-pop singer sounded rather bizarre, as many Linkin Park fans seem to dislike dance-pop stars such as Britney Spears (though she is still popular among other Linkin Park fans), but nonetheless, it did receive positive reception from critics. The success of this mashup has also led to numerous other fan-made Linkin Park/Britney Spears mashups that are circulating over the Internet on sites such as YouTube.

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